Kenby: Smart Contextual Mobile App

Uncover diagnostic Mind, Body & Social Insights for every user!

iphone 6
iphone 5s


Share context about the moment and let your followers know how you are feeling


Discover posts from all over the world, get recognition and gather more followers. You can also search for specific Kenby username to find the person you are looking for

Mind, Body, Social Polygons

Innovative Polygons help you learn more about every user, network with like minded people and improve the status of your own mind, body and social scores

Multiple ways of showing emotions

Helps users to show how exactly they feel about the image or post


Kenby Hearts limits the number of posts an hour, encouraging users to post ‘real actions’ and also prevents users from gaming the system to improve their polygon scores

Instant Image upload

Share and Discover memorable moments instantly

Improve your life in a New Social Way


In Kenby, every post has a real value that improve your statistics of life.

It’s a new way to live a Social Network!


  iOS Beta available     Coming soon

The Smart Contextual Mobile App

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